ABOUT Arcata Massage Collective

The Arcata Massage Collective is a small business incubator dedicated to providing massage therapists with a resource to build their private practices, and for clients who cannot afford full-price massage.

We provide low-cost massage as an expression of socially positive activism. We believe that the stress reducing benefits of therapeutic massage are a contribution to world health and world peace.

Every therapist in the Collective is an independent small business.  There is no central location for the Collective – we each have our own office and work independently. When you book an appointment with a therapist, you'll go to their office to work with them, or they'll come to you if they do house calls.

We each practice our own form of massage, bodywork, or somatic education. While our styles are different, we are united by several shared values. We recognize that all people are inherently good, that all people want happiness and do not want suffering, and that kindness is the means by which we can achieve that goal.